Sulzer Equivalent A and APP Series Paper and Pulp Chemical Pumps Supplying!

Tobee® delivered A43-350, APP61-500, A53-400 Sulzer Chemical Pumps for Paper Pulp Mill Processing.

Tobee® also can manufacture CZ/ZA/ZE/ZF/MC/TTMC/GSG/LY/GDS/A/AUP/D/SPP/HZW/SM/PLA,APP,SNS series pumps and pump spares parts etc.

Sulzer equivalent centrifugal pumps are designed for maximum efficiency, reliability, and durability. Sulzer centrifugal pumps are suitable for a wide range of applications, including pumping water, hydrocarbons, chemicals, and many other fluids.

Sulzer equivalent Pumps Advantages:
• Process knowhow and proven equipment knowledge
• Wide process and application coverage
• Excellent equipment performance through continuous equipment development
• Wide range of installations in different processes carried out by many process suppliers
• Large reference list of installed base
• Optimized selections and guidelines
• Superior reliability due to high number of test runs in laboratory and various industries

Sulzer Analog Centrifugal Pumps and Spare Parts are widly used for the following industries:

Pulp paper and board
Chemical process industry
Water and wastewater
Food industry
General industry
Oil and gas
Hydrocarbon processing
Power generation

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