Pulp Stock Pump ACP300-700.5 Semi-open Impeller


Product Brands: Andman

Tobee Andritz ACP 300-700.5 SO impeller is made of 1.4474 material and it is suitable for conveying many different media.


The Pulp Stock Pump ACP300-700.5 Semi-open Impeller is an impeller specifically designed for use with the Andritz ACP series of centrifugal pumps used in pulp and paper applications. The impeller features a semi-open design, providing efficient pumping while minimizing clogging from fibrous and abrasive particles commonly found in pulp stock. It is made of high-quality materials such as stainless steel, ensuring durability and long service life in harsh environments. The semi-open impeller is easy to install and remove, allowing for quick replacements and reducing downtime. Additionally, the impeller can be customized to meet specific requirements and applications, such as different sizes and types of impellers for handling different flow rates and pressures. With its reliable performance and efficient pumping action, the Pulp Stock Pump ACP300-700.5 Semi-open Impeller provides an essential component in maintaining optimal pump operation in pulp and paper applications.

Tobee Andritz ACP 300-700.5 SO impeller is made of 1.4474 material and it is suitable for conveying many different media.

ANDRITZ centrifugal pumps are available in a highly wear-resistant, open impeller design. Thanks to their low axial thrust and open channels, these centrifugal pumps are suitable for conveying many different media. Depending on the impeller design, they can convey slightly contaminated and contaminated media with some solids and content up to consistencies up to 8%. Thus, operating as processes pumps, they cover a wide range of applications in the pulp and paper, mining, offshore, power, food, and chemical industry. Additionally, ANDRITZ single-stage centrifugal pumps can also be used in water supply, waste water treatment, desalination plants, and irrigation as well as drainage. A modular system ensures high availability, enables the use of proven components and reduces the number of spare parts to be held in stock. They have a single-stage, single-flow, open or semi-open impeller. They have a consistency of up to 6%, heads of 10-180 m and a flow rate of 8,000 m³/h. Their pressure measure of up to 40 bar, with an operating temperature of up to 200°C and an efficiency rate of 90% and higher. ANDRITZ centrifugal pumps can be delivered with and for an Industrial Internet of Things upward interchangeable base.

ACP Centrifugal Pump Design:

• Accelerating the medium by charging it with energy.
• Semi-open impeller with vanes on the back.

Spiral casing (102)
• Guiding the medium with a favorable flow pattern, converting speed energy into pressure energy.
• Pressure-sealed pump casing with delivery and suction channels.
• Suction and delivery flange.
• Holds the bearing housing with bearing assembly, shaft and impeller.

Pump shaft (211)
• Holding the impeller, shaft seal, bearing assembly and coupling.
• Transmitting the drive energy to the impeller and thus, to the medium.
• Sturdily dimensioned drive shaft.

• Interface between stationary and rotating parts. Absorption of axial and radial forces.
• Impeller side: Two angular contact ball bearings (321.1) with steel cage.
• Drive side: One deep groove ball bearings (321.2) with steel cage.

Shaft seal
Depending on operating requirements, there is a choice of eight different shaft seals:
• Cartridge mechanical seal – single
• Cartridge mechanical seal – double
• Standard cartridge mechanical seal – single
• Standard cartridge mechanical seal – double
• Single standard mechanical seal
• Tandem mechanical seal
• Stuffing box packing
• Dynamic shaft seal

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