China Paper Stock Pumps Interchangeable with Andritz Pumps and Spares VP 200-470


Product Brands: Andman

Tobee manufacture replacement Andritz S series Pumps and Parts, Andritz ACP series Pumps and Parts, Andritz FP series Pumps and Parts, Andritz VP series Pumps and Parts, Andritz CP series Pumps and Parts etc.

VP 80-265, VP 100-265, VP 100-350, VP 125-350, VP 125-400, VP 150-400, VP 150-470, VP 200-470, VP 250-430.


Andman ® mainly manufacture Andritz Paper Pulp Pumps and Spares Parts, such as Andritz ACP, S, CP, VP, FP etc paper pulp pumps and Andritz Spares Parts.

Andritz Single-stage Centrifugal Pump Specification:

Pump type: Horizontal
Materials: Cast Iron, Duplex, Super Duplex, Stainless Steel
Seal arrangement: Mechanical Seal, Double Seal
Max temperature: 200 Celsius

Andman® Paper Pulp Centrifugal Pumps Applicable Industries:
1、Paper industry: for conveying pulp with a concentration of less than 6% and for circulating, lifting and pressurizing the medium in the industrial process of alkali recovery.
2、Sugar industry: used for conveying syrup with concentration below 4% and viscosity below 150mm2/s.
3、Urban sewage industry: used for circulation conveying, lifting and pressurization of medium in sewage treatment process. Water and watewater treatment. transport the non-abrasion medium in other industries.

Tobee™ Andritz Pump Spare Parts namely the pump parts have direct connection with slurry, are very crucial to the service life of slurry pumps. The wet parts, include impeller, liner, throatbush, frame plate liner insert, casing, etc., are very easily worn-out components because they work under longtime impact of abrassive and corrosive slurries in the high speed. For the long service life of pump parts, the material plays an important role here.

Andman® Paper Pulp Pump Used In Paper & Pulp Production System:

Paper and Pulp Production Pumping System

Andman®  Paper Pulp Pumps On-site Applications:

Tobee TSJ Paper Pulp Pump Applications



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