China OEM ACP 100-250.5S Paper Pump Casing Spares


Product Brands: Andman

Tobee® OEM ACP100-250.5S Centrifugal Pump with 1.4460 Casing can be used in the chemical sector (except in chlorine bleaching and in the chlorine dioxide area) of the pulp and paper industry.


Andman® OEM ACP 100-250 Casing Spares can be used in the chemical sector (except in chlorine bleaching and in the chlorine dioxide area) of the pulp and paper industry.

• Flow rates up to 6,000 m³/h
• Heads up to 160 m
• Casing pressure up to 25 bar
• Temperatures up to 200°C
• Consistencies up to 6%
• Efficiency up to 90%

Depending on the impeller design, they can convey slightly contaminated and contaminated media with some solids and content with consistencies of up to 8%. Thus, operating as processes pumps, they cover a wide range of applications in the pulp and paper, mining, offshore, power, food, and chemical industry. Additionally, ANDRITZ single-stage centrifugal pumps can also be used in water supply, waste water treatment, desalination plants, and irrigation as well as drainage. A modular system ensures high availability, enables the use of proven components and reduces the number of spare parts to be held in stock. ANDRITZ centrifugal pumps from the ACP series can be delivered with and for an Industrial Internet of Things upward integratable base.


Andritz Centrifugal Paper Pumps Spares List:


102Volute Casing330Bearing Support
135.1Front Lining680Safty Guard for Sealing Chamber
230Impeller183Supporting Leg
430Shaft Seal161Casing Cover

Design Features:

• Impeller – Adopting full open type impeller with large channel design by precision casting, No. of vanes is 3-6 vanes,This configuration can reduce the axial force, And in the transporting, it will not generate bubbles, non-clog impeller channel,Improving the pulp concentration.
• Volute casing – Adopting single stage vortex casing, big size, Casing is designed as duoble casing structure for reducing radial force and axis deviation.
• Materials – various mateials of Wetted parts are available, Such as Cast iron,SS304,SS316L,Duplex stainless steel etc
• Shaft seal – Mechanical seals and packing seal can be used as per requested
• Severe application – Excellently suited for transporting media containing solids (e.g. for pulp, paper, or effluent applications)

Tobee® manufacture Andritz ACP paper stock pumps and pump spares: ACP 65-315, ACP 100-500, ACP 65-250, ACP 100-315, ACP 125-400, ACP 150-500, ACP 100-250, ACP 125-315, ACP 150-400, ACP 200-500, ACP 300-700, ACP 125-250, ACP 150-315, ACP 200-400, ACP 400-700, ACP 250-315, ACP 300-400, ACP 450-550, ACP 600-700 etc.



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