China Centrifugal S150-330 Paper Making Pumps Factory


Product Brands: Andman

Tobee® manufacture ACP, S, CP, VP, FP series paper pulp pumps and pumps spare parts.


ANDMAN China Centrifugal S150-330 is one kind of centrifugal single stage single suction paper pulp stock pump .it is widely used in such as paper making industry, pulp and paper, steel, chemical, food, sugar, or bioethanol industries .It can transport less than 6% concentration paper pulp, sewage water,chemicals or fine slurries etc.,and it can also transport the non-abrasion medium in other industries.

ANDMAN® S Series Paper Stock Pumps are widely used in papermaking, pulp mills, pulp medium of transportation, also applies to enterprise sugar, starchprocessing, chemical raw materials, such as the transmission medium.

Available Interchangeable Andritz S Pumps Models and Spares:S80-265, S100-265, S125-265, S3 100-350.3, S125-350, S150-330, S3 125-400, S3 150-400.3, S3 200-380, S8 200-380, S3 150-470.3, S3 200-470.3, S3 250-430.3, S3 350-470.3, S8 350-470.6, S500-600, etc

100% Equivalent Andritz S pump spare parts including: Impeller (2 vanes, 3 vanes, 6 vanes, 8 vanes), Volute Casing, Casing Cover, Front Lining, Rear Lining, Stuffing Box Body, Shaft Wear Sleeve etc which for Andritz S series paper-pulp pumps.

Andman® Paper Pulp Pump Used In Paper & Pulp Production System:

Paper and Pulp Production Pumping System

Andman ® Paper Pulp Pumps On-site Applications:

Tobee TSJ Paper Pulp Pump Applications


• Paper mills• Paper Pulp• Coal prep• Waste pulp
• Paper stock• Chemical slurries• Sugar refining• Recycled fibre preparation
• Papermaking• Chemical industry• Food industry• Energy supply
• Water supply• Waste water treatment• Alkali recovery• Sugar syrup
• Molasses• Pharmaceuticals industry• Potash Fertilizer Plant• Other industries



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