China Andritz Equivalent S 125-265 Pulp and Paper Pumps Manufacturer


Product Brands: Andman

Andman® S Paper Pulp Pump is one kind of centrifugal single stage single suction paper pulp stock pump. It is widely used in such as paper making industry, pulp and paper, steel, chemical, food, sugar, or bioethanol industries .It can transport less than 6% concentration paper pulp, sewage water,chemicals or fine slurries etc.


Andman® S Series Pumps are widely used in paper making, pulp mills, pulp medium of transportation, also applies to enterprise sugar, starch processing, chemical raw materials, such as the transmission medium.

S Paper Pumps Specifications:

Size: 1″-16″ Pump
Capacity: 30-3300m3/hr
Head: 3-100m
Working temp.: ≤120℃
Concentration: 0%-7%
Material:Cast iron, Cast steel, SS304, SS316L, Duplex stainless steel etc

Design Features:

• Impeller – Adopting full open type impeller with large channel design by precision casting, No. of vanes is 3-6 vanes,This configuration can reduce the axial force, And in the transporting, it will not generate bubbles, non-clog impeller channel,Improving the pulp concentration.
• Volute casing – Adopting single stage vortex casing, big size, Casing is designed as duoble casing structure for reducing radial force and axis deviation.
• Materials – various mateials of Wetted parts are available, Such as Cast iron,SS304,SS316L,Duplex stainless steel etc
• Shaft seal – Mechanical seals and packing seal can be used as per requested
• Severe application – Excellently suited for transporting media containing solids (e.g. for pulp, paper, or effluent applications)

China Andritz Equivalent S Pulp and Paper Pumps Manufacturer

 S Type Paper Pulp Pumps Structural Design:

China Andritz Equivalent S Pulp and Paper Pumps Manufacturer

Available Andritz S Pump Models and Spares:
S80-265, S100-265, S125-265, S3 100-350.3, S125-350, S150-330, S3 125-400, S3 150-400.3, S3 200-380, S8 200-380, S3 150-470.3, S3 200-470.3, S3 250-430.3, S3 350-470.3, S8 350-470.6, S500-600, etc


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