Andritz S 125-400 Pump Parts Rear Liner


Product Brands: Andman

Tobee® mainly manufactures Andritz alternative Paper Pulp Pumps and Spares Parts, such as Andritz ACP,  S, CP, VP, FP etc paper pulp pumps and Andritz Spares Parts.


Tobee® Andritz paper pumps and spare parts are mainly for in innovative, reliable, and proven pumping, agitation and mixing solutions for the pulp and paper industry.

ANDRITZ ACP and S series Pump Specifications:
Design:single-stage, single-flow, open and semi-open impeller
Consistency:up to 8%
Head:10-180 m
Flow rate:up to 8,000 m3/h
Pressure:up to 40 bar
Temperature:up to 200℃
Efficiency:up to 90%

ANDRITZ ACP and S series PumpS and pump Spares benefits:
Maximum efficiency of up to 90%
State-of-the-art NPSH behavior Andritz paper pumps
Part load behavior better than industry benchmark
Reduced number of spare parts to be held in stock
The modular system of ANDRITZ end-suction centrifugal pumps only needs 5 bearing support sizes.

Tobee® ACP Paper Pulp Pumps and Pump Spare Parts On-site Applications:
Paper mills, Paper Pulp, Coal prep, Waste pulp, Paper stock, Paper making, Waste paper stock, Chemical slurries, Sugar refining, Recycled fibre preparation, Chemical industry, Food industry, Energy supply, Water supply, Waste water treatment, Alkali recovery, Sugar syrup, Molasses, Pharmaceuticals industry, Potash Fertilizer Plant, Other industries etc.

Andman® Paper Pulp Pump Used In Paper & Pulp Production System:

Paper and Pulp Production Pumping System

Andman®  Paper Pulp Pumps On-site Applications:

Tobee TSJ Paper Pulp Pump Applications


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