ACP300-700 Pulp Stock Pump Shaft Spares


Product Brands:  Andman

Tobee® Andritz Paper Stock Pumps Shaft with CD 1.4021 and DD 1.4462 materials.


Tobee® Shaft seal manufacture Andritz ACP paper stock pumps and pump spares: ACP 65-315, ACP 100-500, ACP 65-250, ACP 100-315, ACP 125-400, ACP 150-500, ACP 100-250, ACP 125-315, ACP 150-400, ACP 200-500, ACP 300-700, ACP 125-250, ACP 150-315, ACP 200-400, ACP 400-700, ACP 250-315, ACP 300-400, ACP 450-550, ACP 600-700 etc.

ANDRITZ ACP and S series Pump Specifications:
Design:single-stage, single-flow, open and semi-open impeller
Consistency:up to 8%
Head:10-180 m
Flow rate:up to 8,000 m3/h
Pressure:up to 40 bar
Temperature:up to 200℃
Efficiency:up to 90%

Tobee® ACP Centrifugal Pump Design:
• Accelerating the medium by charging it with energy.
• Semi-open impeller with vanes on the back.
Spiral casing (102)
• Guiding the medium with a favorable flow pattern, converting speed energy into pressure energy.
• Pressure-sealed pump casing with delivery and suction channels.
• Suction and delivery flange.
• Holds the bearing housing with bearing assembly, shaft and impeller.
Pump shaft (211)
• Holding the impeller, shaft seal, bearing assembly and coupling.
• Transmitting the drive energy to the impeller and thus, to the medium.
• Sturdily dimensioned drive shaft.
• Interface between stationary and rotating parts. Absorption of axial and radial forces.
• Impeller side: Two angular contact ball bearings (321.1) with steel cage.
• Drive side: One deep groove ball bearings (321.2) with steel cage.
Shaft seal
Depending on operating requirements, there is a choice of eight different shaft seals:
• Cartridge mechanical seal – single
• Cartridge mechanical seal – double
• Standard cartridge mechanical seal – single
• Standard cartridge mechanical seal – double
• Single standard mechanical seal
• Tandem mechanical seal
• Stuffing box packing
• Dynamic shaft seal

Andman® Paper Pulp Pump Used In Paper & Pulp Production System:

Paper and Pulp Production Pumping System

Andman®  Paper Pulp Pumps On-site Applications:

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