Interchangeable Andritz S Paper Pulp Pumps Spares Factory

Interchangeable Andritz S Paper Pulp Pumps Spares Factory

Tobee® Alternative Andritz S series single-stage process centrifugal pumps are available with closed, semi-open or open impellers. These wear-resistant pumps are suitable for working with a wide range of media. Depending on the type of impeller, they can transport contaminated liquids with amount of solids up to 8%. They are used as process pumps in paper, chemical, sugar, energy, food industries, water, sewage treatment, drainage or other systems.

Available Andritz S Pump Models and Spares:
S80-265, S100-265, S125-265, S3 100-350.3, S125-350, S150-330, S3 125-400, S3 150-400.3, S3 200-380, S8 200-380, S3 150-470.3, S3 200-470.3, S3 250-430.3, S3 350-470.3, S8 350-470.6, S500-600, etc
Andritz S pump spare parts including: Impeller (2 vanes, 3 vanes, 6 vanes, 8 vanes), Volute Casing, Casing Cover, Front Lining, Rear Lining, Stuffing Box Body, Shaft Wear Sleeve etc which for Andritz S series paper-pulp pumps.

Andritz S125-350.3 and S100-350.3 Pump Front Lining Delivered Photos:

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