Interchangeable AHLSTAR APP Process Pumps and Spares Parts for Paper Pulp Mills

Tobee® equivalent AHLSTAR end-suction single-stage centrifugal pumps comprised of the A, APP/T, NPP/T, WPP/T and EPP/T ranges, has been designed in accordance with ISO 5199 and ISO 2858 international standards, and has been even further developed to surpass market standards and ensure excellent performance and reliability.

AHLSTAR analog Pumps are used throughout the oil and gas, hydrocarbon processing, power generation, pulp and paper, and water and wastewater sectors, as well as by additional clients from specialized areas of general industry.

AHLSTAR APP Series Paper Pulp Stock Pumps and Spares Parts:
APP11-32, APP11-40, APP11-50, APP21-65, APP21-80, APP22-32;
APP22-40, APP22-50, APP22-65, APP22-80, APP23-40, APP23-50;
APP31-100, APP31-125, APP31-150, APP32-65, APP32-80, APP32-100;
APP32-125 APP33-100, APP33-125, APP41-200, APP41-300, APP42-150;
APP42-200 APP43-250, APP43-300, APP44-150, APP44-200, APP51-250;
APP51-300, APP52-350, APP52-400, APP53-100, APP53-150, APP53-200;
APP53-250, APP53-300, APP54-400, APP54-500, APP55-100 APP55-200;
APP55-250, APP55-300, APP61-500, APP61-600, APP62-400.

AHLSTAR APP and A Series Chemical Paper Pulp Pumps of application:

Oil and gas, Hydrocarbon processing, Power generation, Pulp and paper, General industry, Water and wastewater, Pulp plant, Wood yard, Chemical pulp fiber line, Chemical recovery,Pulp drying machine, Mechanical pulp line, Recycled fiber line, Paper and board machine systems, Coating and finishing, Chemicals for pulp, paper and board, Water supply, Industrial water and effluent treatment, Power plant, Pulp, paper and board, Chemical process industry, Water and wastewater, Food industry, wastewater treatment and dewatering, Fertilizer etc.

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