Andritz Replacement Paper Pulp Pumps Spares

Andritz Replacement Paper Pulp Pumps Spares

Tobee® manufacturers S, S3, S8, ACP, CP, VP, FP, SF series pumps and pumps spare parts for paper mill.

Base: U-steel
Shaft: 40CrMo, SS316L,Duplex SS
Mechanical seal: Burgmann
Packing seal: Asbestos fibers+mica, PTFE
Wear parts: Cast iron, Cast steel, Stanless steel, Duplex SS, Chrome etc

Tobee® Pump is always making continuous optimization of materials like Cast steel, EPDM, Hypalon, Hastelloy, CD4MCu, Viton, Fluoroplastic, Ceramic, Bronze, Titanium, Aluminum and other anti-abrasive & corrosive materials for various applications.

Andritz pump spares such as impeller: EN-GJL 250, 1.4460 and 1.4517, casing/casing cover: EN-GJL 250 and 1.4460, volute casing: EN-GJL 250, EN-GJS-400-15 and 1.4460, bearing housing EN-GJL 250 and 1.4468, front and rear lining: 1.4460 and 1.4517, stuffing box body EN-GJL 250, 1.4460 and 1.4408, shaft: 1.4021 & 1.4462 and 1.4404 & 1.4439, etc.

Andritz Paper Stock Pumps Wearing Spare Parts In Stock:

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