About Us

Andman Pump is a Tobee’s Brand, is mainly specialized in centrifugal pumps designing, producing, selling, mechanical electronic and paper making equipment business. Our team has strong capacity of technology development, from primary design and selection, solution to final installation, environmental protection etc. We always put ourselves in client’s position, not only meet the user’s requirements but also reduce the cost as more as possible. We are specialized in S series stock pumps, ACP series paper pulp pumps, FP series fan pumps, VP series sewage pumps , CP series vertex pumps , pump spare parts etc , such could meet various requirements of all different customers, so far , our pumps and spares had exported to North America, South America, Europe, Philippines, Russia, Africa, Malaysia, Israel, India, Australia etc. Our high-quality products and service are highly accepted by our clients at home and abroad.


Andman Pump has a wealth of experience in the manufacturing and service of pumps and accessories; in fact Tobee® Pump has machinery manufacturing experience of over 45 years having achieved great success with R&D and manufacturing of Pumps for more than 30 years. The annual production capacity of pumps in our factory surpasses 10,000 easily. Tobee® Pump has a tremendous market share that covers more than 120 cities in China including many provinces and autonomous regions and more than 80 countries.

Production Capability

Andman Pump has over 80 sophisticated equipment such as CNC, Director reading Spectrometer, CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine), Rapid typing Machine and etc. Based on these facilities, Tobee® Pump has the abilities of material inspection, casting, welding, machining, assembling and the performance test of pump unit. The maximum weight of the casting by Tobee® Pump is about 12 tons, the maximum diameter of the casting can be machined by Tobee® pump is over 5 meters and the maximum flow rate of Tobee’s Pump product is more than 80,000 cubic meters per hour. With an annual production of 1000~120,000 pumps, Presently,Tobee® Pump is the top 10 pump manufacturer with high comprehensive capacity of design and producing.

Technical Capability

As a High & New Tech enterprise, Tobee® Pump owns a municipal research center with strong R&D research capability and a team of more than 280 technicians along with 45 senior engineers and 26 experts etc. There are material laboratory, physical lab, chemical lab, 3D scanning equipment, MAXUM, 3D coordinate measure machine, metallographic analysis software, casting simulation software, CFD computer aided design, PLM (product lifecycle management), CAPP and etc. hardware and software in Tobee® factory. In addition to these, Tobee® Pump continually introduce new technology technologies to improve the products comprehensive performance, like Lost Foam Casting and Vacuum Casting technology.

Market Standing

Tobee® pump’s humongous market share and its unrelenting competitiveness in the pump market have made us rank Top 10 in China for many years and were also selected as the Pacesetter Enterprise in the Chinese Industrial Pump Industry. This warrants enough proof of our distinctive position in the pump market today.

R&D Capabilities

Since ours is a high tech enterprise of the Hebei Province, Tobee® Pump has a municipal level research centre and has strong abilities in product research and development because of our powerful research team. We also like to profess that we have a long standing technical cooperative relationship with many renowned research institutions which only shows the strength of Tobee’s R&D capabilities.

Customer Evaluation

All the products manufactured by Tobee® Pump are well received by our customers and have gained high appraisal from the society noting certain qualities of our products like energy saving, overall efficiency, stable operation and long service life. Some of our customers refer to Tobee® Pumps simply as “Permanent Pumps” because of our quality and defect-free manufacturing ability.


1.Chinese Top 10 Slurry Pump Manufacturer

2.National Level II Measurement Unit

3.Advanced Enterprise of the Hebei Province

4.Trustful Enterprise on Contract Implementation of the Hebei Province

5.Manufacturing unit with the maximum Customer Satisfaction on both Quality and service in the Hebei Province

6.Production Quality Inspection-free Enterprise

7.Most Consumer Trusted Unit of the Hebei Province

8.Good Quality and Efficiency Enterprise of the Hebei Province

9.Top Super Credit Enterprise of Shijiazhuang City

10.Famous Brand Enterprise of Hebei Province